Courtesy: SCFA


Kahului, Hawaii

Thomas Woodruff

Maui High School, 660 S. Lono Ave, Kahului, Hawaii, 96732
Date:  1977
Placement:  schools (buildings)
Artwork Type:  earthworks (sculpture)
Material:  mixed media
Description:  Measuring over 280 feet long and 140 feet wide, "Carolina" became at the time of its dedication the largest sculpture in the state of Hawaii, and the first publicly funded earthwork in the United States. Landscape sculptor Thomas Woodruff described his creation as "land waves." It consists of three bulldozed depressions, with earth mounded alongside the depressions in a series of three waves. Woodruff used only materials present on the site prior to the execution of his piece, building elevated portions with the same dirt dredged from depressions. He believed that a major misunderstanding of landscape art devolved from the practice of imposing materials foreign to the landscape. While restraining himself to natural forms and materials, Woodruff sought to offer a contrast to the flat terrain surrounding its site at Maui High School. With his spiral design, he strove to create "a feeling of motion that will make the flat area come alive." The sculpture seeks to envelope viewers, encouraging solitary "introspection" and interactive engagement at once. "Persons viewing the sculpture should also expect to walk on it," stated Woodruff.

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