Courtesy: SFCA


Honolulu, Hawaii

Erica Karawina

Kalanimoku Building, 4th floor exterior, 1151 Punchbowl Street, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96813
Date:  1975
Placement:  government office buildings
Artwork Type:  mosaics (visual works)
Material:  glass (material)
Description:  " Four translucent mosaic murals form a multi-colored frieze to enhance the fourth floor of Downtown Honolulu's Kalanimoku Building. Two murals, each 10 feet tall and 64 feet long, frame opposite sides of the rectangular government building. Stained glass master Erika Karawina collectively calls her four mosaic murals ""Hawaii."" Each mural includes approximately fifty individual glass panels, ""Auinala"" exactly 48. From the lawn outside, Karawina's mosaics are recognizable by their matrix outlines. At night, however, internal lighting may also allow outside viewers to enjoy displays of color. On the East-facing side of the building, we see ""Kakahiaka"" (Morning) and ""Awakea"" (Noon). The West-facing side features ""Auinala"" (Afternoon) and ""Po"" (Night). As the sun travels from East to West over the course of a day, natural light showers internal viewers with patterns from the appropriate displays. During morning and noontime, daylight features ""Kakahiaka"" and ""Awakea""; the spotlight later shifts to ""Auinala"" and ""Po."" The Northeast morning display ""Kakahiaka"" conveys the scent of flowers and the creator god Kane. On the Southeast corner, noontime ""Awakea"" illustrates a rainbow, mountains, petroglyphs and the harvest god Lono. The Southwestern display ""Auinala"" portrays afternoon as mountains, valleys, volcanic Pele and the war god Ku. On the Northwest corner, we glimpse night as sky, sea, moon goddess Hina and sea god Kanaloa."

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