Courtesy: Cynthia Patterson, Hank Saxe
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El Paso, Texas

Hank Saxe, Cynthia Patterson

Downtown Transit Center, 601 South Santa Fe Street, El Paso, Texas, 79901
Owner:  City of El Paso Public Art Program (
Date:  2009, 2009
Placement:  terminals (buildings)
Collection:  City of El Paso Museums & Cultural Affairs Department
Artwork Type:  sculpture (visual work)
Material:  structural steel, concrete, stucco, mosaic glass
Description:  Confluencia at the Downtown Transit Terminal comments on El Paso’s unique position as a transit hub and passageway between Mexico and the United States. Combining arc-shaped steel columns and cross braces with an infill of curvilinear metal and glass elements, this abstract sculpture makes metaphoric references to the El Paso sun, river, and mountain valley. Measuring 25 feet in height, this sculpture presents an iconic, highly visible marker for all those commuting and visiting the Downtown Transit Terminal.

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