Courtesy: City of Tampa
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9/11 Artifact

Tampa, Florida

Wilder Architecture

Bayshore & Bay to Bay, West Bay to Bay Blvd/ Bayshore, Tampa, Florida, 33629
Owner:  City of Tampa
Date:  2011
Placement:  memorials
Collection:  City of Tampa
Artwork Type:  sculpture (visual work)
Material:  aluminum (metal), steel (alloy)
Description:  The steel in this memorial is steel recovered from the World Trade Center after September 11, 2001 courtesy of the Port Authority of NY & NJ is displayed in memory of the nearly 3,000 victims including over 400 first responders. The World Trade Center site is represented as an elevated concrete base, matching the orientation and scale of the site in New York City. Thin aluminum members rise from the base, tracing the placement, material, and proportions of the twin towers. The memorial is one one-hundreth the scale of the actual towers and site. The steel WTC artifact, held above the base within the symbolic north tower, functions as a sundial. As the shadow of the artifact falls on the ground on the morning of September 11, the lower slab marks the duration of time from the first airplane's impact on the north tower to the subsequent collapse of the tower on September 11, 2001.

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