Austin Art in Public Places

Established by the City in 1985, the Art in Public Places (AIPP) program collaborates with local & nationally-known artists to include the history and values of our community into cultural landmarks that have become cornerstones of Austin’s identity. The City of Austin was the first municipality in Texas to make a commitment to include works of art in construction projects. By ordinance, 2% of eligible capital improvement project budgets are allocated to commission or purchase art for that site. Austin’s Public Art Collection is found at sites such as the airport, convention center, libraries, parks, police stations, recreation centers, and streetscapes, enhancing public spaces for all residents and visitors to our City.

Austin Art in Public Places

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TEMPO 2015 Project Showcase

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Austin Art is All Over the Map

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Celebrating 30 Years of Public Art: 1985-2015

Title: Uplifted Ground
Artist: Michael Singer Studio
Title: Pedestrian Geometries
Artist: Erin Curtis
Title: Solar Tree
Artist: Barna Kantor with Young-Min Kang
Title: Community Core Sample Project
Artist: Beverly Penn
Title: Open Room Austin
Artist: Roberto Behar and Rosario Marquardt

City of Austin, TX Public Art

Art in Public Places, City of Austin, TX

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